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Wow, this is great to hear. Finally Youth MTB biking in High School kids around the best county for riding in New Jersey! :)

I remember back when I was in High School here in Sussex County in 06-09 we developed a Bike Team, only 3 of us raced, or should I say... were more into mountain biking than just riding rail trails on a WalMart bike.

Someone keep me in the loop on where this goes, i'm local, IMBA Coach, racer, etc. those who know me, know. :)
Would love to help out once it gets rolling. Unfortunately don't have a work schedule that allows me to spearhead alot of time but will help where and when I can.


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Thank you for sharing @Robin you rock!

@mattybfat Amy Haines attended our leader's summit this year and just committed to starting/managing the Warren County Team. She is located in Oxford and I am certain would welcome assistance from local MTBers. The next step for the Warren County team is to find a venue in the P-burg/Oxford area to host an info & sign up session. Amy is working on that now, but is open to help in finding the spot.

@DownhillR3 the Sussex Skylands team has already scheduled their info session, and your help as a coach would be super appreciated. The Team Director is Lauren Cardinale. The Cardinale family is connected to Frankford's Park Commission, who is fully behind the team and looking to develop some single track on their parkland. This is a great opportunity to get involved early. Let me know if you would like me to connect you to the team, and if available please consider joining us at the info session.


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Hello all, Amy here, I’ve been a member here forever even though it says I joined in 2018...

Team in Warren County is small but underway and ready to ride. I’ve got one committed student and a few interested kids, and I’m blasting out posters, fliers, and business cards to libraries, community centers, and businesses.

It’s difficult to get ADs on board with sports not in the NJISSA, but we’ll get there in time.

If anyone has any questions, advice, etc., let me know. Reach out here or I’ll give you my contact info via pm.

Thanks for your support everyone.