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Came across this board a week or so ago and just signed up. Reside in Nyack, NY (Rockland County) but come into NJ on a daily basis. This board seems very well put together imo ;)



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thanks, mike. my wife and i lived in nyack for about 4 years. we still talk about how much we loved living there. i used to ride the graham hills/blue/sprain circuit on a regular basis.


Welcome Mike. We ride in your area all the time. Ringwood in NJ, Clausland a mile or so from you, Sprain and Blue on the other side of the river. Drop a line if you want to ride.


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Glad to meet all of you, everyone seems very nice (reminds me of the motorcycle boards).

Does anyone know of an online tutorial for putting a bike together? Im embarking on my first assembly, wouldn't mind some sort of guide. Thanks to anyone that can supply a tutorial (one with pictures would be a major plus, lol).
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