New Year's Day ride @ Round Valley...

Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
Sorry for the short notice, but a bunch of us are doing Round Valley tomorrow morning @10am (start riding at 10am, not get there at 10am!!)...Leaving from the boat launch lot inside the park...Should be fun, we did Lewis Morris yesterday, Kittantinney today in the snow, and round it all off with Round Valley New Year's Day!! So come out and play!!

Hey Norm...I obviously don't pay attention, what did you say in the other thread? Did I miss something cool? I always seem to miss the cool stuff, I seem to spend too much time outside riding my bike!!
Ahh RV new years ride. Ride until your drivetrain freezes up. The memories.
Good times! Hope you guys have a fun ride.
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