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So i just ordered a set of Easton AM Havoc wheels from JensonUSA for a pretty good steal. Not being very bike maintenance savvy i was wondering do i need to get them serviced or is it safe to just mound them up and ride. I wouldn't be putting a ton of miles on them from the get-go, i was planning on having a full tune-up on my bike soon as it is. I was just wondering if it is imperative for me to service them ASAP or do they usually come rideable. Thanks.

PS: The set of wheels is selling for 50% off right now, $350.


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They are ridable right out of the box...There might be a slight break-in period for the bearings but there is no way you would notice.

After more than a few rides, maybe 200 miles? Take em to a shop and get the spokes tightened (or do it yourself) as spokes will usually loosen a bit after the initial build.
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