New trails at ALLAIRE


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I have been riding in Allaire for over 15yrs. I love the place. Recently I find myself wanting to ride more DH and freeride obstacles. Is there any way to add some man made obstacles or cut some steep and fast trails in Allaire? I respect the time and effort that goes in to trail maintence so I would never take it upon myself to build something. I dont want anything crazy maybe some small drops and ladder bridges. I know alot of people do not like man made stuff due to impacting the natural enviroment but the freeride and DH riding is getting so much more popular. I feel it would be a great addition to any park, It stinks to have to drive to to Diablo etc, for this type of riding.


JORBA: Director
Man made obstacles at Allaire have threatened bike access in the very recent past. Some of the freeride crew took it upon themselves to remove the stuff in question and made a great impression on the powers that be in the park staff. Anything built without permission from the park is not good.

Come out to trail maintenance days (always posted at to get a better understanding of what we deal with when it comes to access and how much effort it takes to build respect with the park staff. As more people give back to the park it only makes our voice stronger.

Get to know some of the local freeriders as well and you may be surprised at what natural stuff is in the area.
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