New trail location??? Lenape Trail - Prospect Park in Livingston


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Just noticed on the Livingston, NJ Recreation Dept. website that "a second project underway is the creation of hiking and biking trails in the Township's approximately 29-acre Prospect Park east of the junction of Laurel Avenue (exit 6 off Rt. 280) and Shrewsbery Drive and adjacent to the Lenape Trail." See

It is my understanding that the Lenape Trail connects to Patriot's Path in Morris County. Since this park, though small, is a mere mile or so from South Mountain Reservation, it could serve as a "showcase" for future discussions with the property managers over at South Mountain.

Anyone know about this or has there been any involvement by JORBA, IMBA, MTBNJ members, etc? The dog park down the street is quite popular but the parking lot for Prospect Park is always empty. Livingston is currently building a large public skate park in town and therefore may be open-minded about mountain biking...

I may contact the Parks Commissioner but wanted to check first to see if anyone has already made contact.
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