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hi all, im pretty new to the sport, rode when i was much younger, but just started again a couple years ago. most of the time i ride in lewis morris and in pa, but found the blue trail at chimney rock and it was great. is that considered a very technical trail? also, i rode it counter clockwise, which direction is better?


Crotch Rot

I usually ride the Blue trail clockwise, and from what i've seen others do too.

CR is moderately technical. It can be surprising coming from less rough riding, but you get used to it real quick. CR and Kittatiny are good practice for the more technical NJ Parks. NJ's most technical trails in my opinion are Allamuchy North, Mahlon Dickerson, Ringwood, Wawayanda, Sourlands and Round Valley.

If you liked your first experience at CR that is a really good sign. It means you will enjoy techy trails of which the area is loaded with.

The NJ riding is great and really has changed my overall opinion of NJ as place to settle down.
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