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Hey guys,

I'm new to the site and mountain bike scene. I have wanted a mountain bike for two or three years now, but money has been a problem. My enthusiasm for getting one was huge in the beginning of the summer, but like I said, no money, so the idea died off. Then about two or three weeks ago, I saw the "Roam" DVD, and now I want one more then ever! I'm 18 and from Lincroft. Right near Red Bank, 10 minutes from Tatum, 20 from Hartshorne. I just sold my dirtbike and am hoping I can get a bike with money from that....

So I think that about does it for me...Hope to learn a lot here.

Welcome aboard Scotty - the group here is fantastic, I'm sure you'll like hanging out here, or on some of the rides. Roam is a great DVD, I was just about to sit down and watch it myself again.

best of luck w/whatever bike you choose.

Beam Me Up, Scotty. There are no intelligent life forms in this forum!

Welcome to the board.
Hi there

Welcome. Nice to hear your excitement for biking is rejuvenated. We are having a beginners clinic at Allaire on Saturday the 14th, 10 am. Hopefully you can make it. Look around now for a bike though. A lot of local bike shops LBS are selling 2006s real cheap. PM me for some suggestions. Smiles, NJ Jess
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I know about the clinic but have SAT's that day so can't make it out, I had plans for the beginner clinic AND something else until I remembered I had SAT's. And I'd love suggestions for bike shops and bikes for that matter. I'm looks for probably an AM bike, would like FS, but I know costs rise with that. And ofcourse, the cheaper the better, but it still needs to be quality!
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