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How is a new rider to know what kind of bike they are really after?
good one - originally, i had the idea that i wanted to get in for exercise, then i got a little fitness, and wanted to race a bit,
I had ridden 25 years prior on a rigid 26r, and upgraded to a hardtail 29r for the comeback. Then a FS bike
to race, then a more-better FS bike. I'll still race to participate, but it is all about staying on the bike now -
which is why i ride fat. not worried about bombing the dh, but would like to conquer more tech.
can't always get over the bigger logs tho. :(

So it is fluid, and depends on budget. i'm in a funk at the moment, not sure why - thought the nice weather would motivate me.
new bike? :D
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Thanks for all the responses. I'm more or less "window shopping" at this point, not in a rush for something new, but also keeping my eye out. I'm usually not great at holding out on anything but I will do my best. I think deciding what I like can be figured out somewhat through a demo day, provided I can get to one. Also trying to figure out if any local shops demo/ "rent" bikes. That way I could at least get a good feel whether I like or don't like something while still having the ability to hand it back for a small fee. I realize maybe you can't necessarily "do it all" on one bike but if I can get close I'll be good.


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Here’s my 2 cents; I’m over 45 years old and have a chronic lower back condition. I think proper bike positioning is key combined with some built in suspension from the machine under you. Personally I need to be a bit more upright in the saddle. I achieved that with shorter stem/steeper angle stem in combination with riser handle bars. I ride a full suspension bike mostly with tubeless tires. Tubeless is a game changer for sure. I also have a fully rigid fat bike tubeless of course. Both bikes are set up for preferred positioning. Bottom line I think is ride what you have with good positioning, properly set up, tubeless tires. Oh and Aleve BEFORE the ride!