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Hey guys, saw this forum and figure I will introduce myself as well. I just bought my bike from the good guys over at halters a couple of months ago and just put on clipless pedals this weekend, so I am falling all over the place.

I also met Mr. T, Kirt, Woody, Aussie, ellbiddy and scott from the boards this weekend and definitely had a run ride over at chimney rock. I usually ride around 6 30 at 6 mile run if there are any guys that go over there at that time and want to meet up certainly just send me a message. I'm still at relatively beginner's pace, so don't want to slow anyone up though.


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welcome aboard,
good luck with the pedals once you get the hang of them you will wonder what you ever did without them...


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Welcome to the site.

+1 for clipless. Steep learning curve, but worth it, IMHO.



For a true performance boost, one must tape his/ her feet to the pedals like in "Breaking Away". Cutters RULE!!!!!


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hey, welcome. the clipless pedals are great, but make sure you can get in and out of them at will know. falling and lots of it.
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