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Hey all,

Thought I would post up here since I've already added to a few threads.

Been riding mtb since 89- yeah showing my age a little- and mostly at CR as that is my local spot. I've lately been on the road a little more but hope to stay in the woods at least one day a week.

Current bikes:
04 SC blur
94 Cdale M800
06 Giant TCR- C2

and a few beach cruisers to round things out.

Hope to make some of the group rides in the future.



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do you ever get south to ride?

not too much these days. My brother is down in hamilton so i hope to get back to six mile with him and give mercer a try someday.

Thanks to all for the warm welcome!

Brian Snyder

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Mercer is rooty but still fun, Allaire is the place to be seen. Hope to meet you on the trails


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or just grin and bear it cause it is a fun place to hang about....
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