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New to the site


Hello all.

I am new to the site, not to the sport. I try to ride at least once a week on the trails. I started mtbiking about 10 years ago, rode all the time, entered a few races and loved it all. I took a 2 year hiatus after a snowboarding injury (hurt knee). I finally mustered the motivation to get back on the trails last year and its like I never left. I ride hartshorne quite frequently due to the close proximity (5 minutes from home) but weather permitting I prefer Chimney or Ringwood.

My wife is pretty new to the sport and would like to attend the women's clinic at CR. If anyone else is planning to attend, please let me know. I think it would make her more comfortable if she knew someone or had someone to seek out there. I'll be riding there that day as well, so if anyone wants to meet up, let me know. My riding buddy moved to Colorado so I ride solo most of the time. That is probably what has motivated me to join the find an equally skilled person to ride with.




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welcome Jeff,

So your buddy left you riding solo. It's not that bad sometimes. I'm sure you'll find an equally skilled person to ride with. There are many group rides listed here so pick and choose.
see you on the trails.


NJ Jess

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Nice to have you here. Lots of people to ride with. As for your wife,..Allaire has a beginner ride on Tuesdays and there will be more "womens rides" in the spring. See you on the trails.


same boat as you ....

so cold and wet ... how guys you ride here during this season :hmmm:...during the last month I'm here only one weekend was dry (and sunny - but who cares ....) last Sunday I was in Allair for "walkthrough" -run back to the car after a mile of walk , well- this place is perfect place for chicks :D

my wife will love it !

I'm also new here -still bikeless, live 20 mins from hartshorne park. container will arrive only mid may:mad::mad::mad::mad: meanwhile I'm spinning which is su$$$s.

if some of you running into a strange guy blocking your trail and staring at your bike with a greedy face ... its probably me .

so I keep in touch !

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