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I just moved back to NJ after 14 years, spent the last 12 on Long Island. I live 10 mins from Allaire so usually ride there during the week. Sometimes Hartshorne or Clayton as well. Weekends I like to travel north when I can for some rocks. Westchester, CT, Mass, North Jersey, etc.

I am looking to hook up with some group rides, Long Island was awesome for that. I miss having a network of friends to ride with.
Hey Ken,

Jerseyjoe/intense1 here. Welcome aboard...long time no hear from...

You've got to head north. I know it's a drive for you but I've got Stewart this Saturday and Blue the week after :) . Keep in touch!

Ahhh cool I was wondering if you still read vision, good stuff. I am going to the roam premeire on LI this saturday or i would definately hit Stewart with you. We did a huge group ride at sprain a few weekends ago, it was comedy, was hoping to see you there. Another Climb/WMBA thing. I never made it up your way last summer, the NJ/NY commute killed me, glad thats over!

I hit Chimney Rock a little while back, was real impressed. Its only like 45 minutes for me, so its a weekday option, which is cool. I finally found the decent stuff at allaire, so thats keeping me sane. Rode mercer, that was ok but not really worth the drive imo.

Stay in touch man, ill pm you my email address. I think I still have your number somewhere, mine have changed though. You still doing those wednesday rides in your neck of the woods?
Thanks Ken, I'll contact you with info on the Stewart ride by Thursday. We can meet on the NY Thruway and you can follow me up. Wheels down around 10:00, I believe.

Yes, the Wednesday rides at Ramapo/Skyline are just starting up. Still gets dark a little too early for me yet!
Ken - sorry I misunderstood (doh!) Maybe I'll cya up at Blue next week...have a good time @ the flick...

smarencik - you're welcome to join us on Saturday AM, but we're meeting at a different location than I'm used to (the lot on Rt. 207) so PM me if interested and when I get the location straight, you can meet me somewhere and follow me up.
can't do stewart this saturday, but would like to schedule a road trip there with some advance notice.
how was stewart on Saturday? I've heard that some of the trails have been getting worked over by atvs.
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