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whats up?

i'm Jim, i moved to North Jersey for a job. i've always lived on the borders of Parks, and now i'm in the Jungle of Urban Development. from what i can tell so far, Jersey isn't as bad as i thought it would be. i usually ride single track type of things, with roots and rocks, but i haven't been out in a while, so i need some moderate stuff to get my wheels back under me. i prefer technical stuff and jumps, and i have no idea what is good around here.

nice to be here


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Hey Jim, welcome to NJ and to the site! Where in North Jersey do you live and maybe I can direct you to some local spots?

Thanks Jay,

i'm living in Rutherford, and work in Clifton. I have a friend who lives in Pompton plains, but he isn't very "outdoorsy" i'm orignally from Massachusettes, but had to relocate here for work ("money often costs too much" - Emerson)

are there any clubs or anything up here that i could get involved in? being new to the area kinda sucks, and not living in the woods really sucks!! i also have a jeep that i used to take offroading back home. so i'm hoping to meet some people that do that too. i'm worried about riding alone and doing something dumb (both of which i do quite often :eek: )

i'm not really a fan of big wide flat trails or paved "mountain" bike trails. i used to live on the border of a state park that was all singletrack stuff that had roots and rocks and jumps and mud, and that's the kind of stuff that gets me going. i read the review of kittaniny and allamunchy and those look like my style, but they're about an hour away.

i'm thinking of going tomorrow since it looks like it is supposed to be really nice out, but my helmet was irreversibly damaged in the move, and i have to get a new one!

hope to see you on the trails

smarencik said:
smells like allamuchy or ringwood to me! Welcome to your new home :eek:

ha ha, thanks... i just saw the weather for tomorrow and it looks like a perfect day to get the hell outside! i feel bad enough that i wasted today away...

it says that allamuchy has no gates or fees... so it sounds like a pretty good time!!

any suggestions on a favorite trail to run?

here are some updated maps:

north area is more technical, park at the waterloo road entrance. cycle works in byram is about 5 minutes from the trail head on route 206. frank & john are good guys to jaw with, and they have maps there, as well. plus you might be able to replace your helmet, too.

kittatiny is about 15 minutes from alamuchy. it is riddled with single track - roller coaster fast, and you can't get lost. however, it is not too technical.
Hey Jim

Hey i live in Rutherford too...there's a couple of us in town that like to ride although our skill level tends to be towrd the beginner side of things. i too prefer singletrack though i just tend to be a little slow. I bought my bike last year but this is really the first year i'm trying to get more serious. I try to ride as much as often and if you hit me up you're more then welcome to join on our excursions. If you ever see a silver Mazda with an all black Gary Fisher on the roof that's me!

for a nice paced weeknight ride The Bikery on Valley Road in Montclair does group rides that start a little after 6 when the shop closes. they go up through Mills Reservation and the West Essex Rail trail (which has some nice stuff off of it) sometimes they circle back and do Eagle ROck if there's time/light. They meet at the shop in the parking lot behind the store at 6 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays. It's a lot of fun and there's people who are beginners like me to guys that have been racing for 10+ years. They'll go ahead and wait up and regroup every so often. I'll be there should check it out. Sometimes they do Sundays up in Ringwood which you'll probably love!

hope that helps a little

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Hi Guys,

I'm in Secaucus so only a few minutes from Rutherford I think. I'll head out with ya some time. I've only ridden a few of the trails in NJ since I only moved here last autumn.

Just let me know. If you see a black Jeep Liberty with the Union Jack front license plate - that's me!
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