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Hi all, been riding off an on for the past 10 years (mostly off for the past 5). Stumbled upon this site while on mtbr yesterday. I'm in SE bergen county, been to ringwood twice but it's been so long, my next time will be like my first all over. Just sayin hi and lookin forward to sharing my experiences as I get back into one of my favorite activities.


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If in two weeks you are riding a 29er (assume you don't already) as a result of this web page, I will be very disappointed.


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You actually get the Borg...

Then you feel the need to lose things.. like derailers and shifters. When the end comes you will have a fixie with no brakes- it's just a matter of time. Don't resist take a tall glass of the Kool-Aid.

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And yet another thread goes askew. This tends to happen a lot around here. That and threads that have no reason to live, going on, and on, like a freaking zombie. Hope to see you on the trails.
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