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What tires should I get next?

  • Kenda Nevegal 2.1" UST @ $66 a set

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  • Panaracer Fire XC 2.1" UST @ $49 a set

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I'm debating if I should get another set of Kenda Nevengal 2.1 UST or give Panaracer Fire XC USTs a try. I've heard tons of great things about Panaracers but I was really happy with my Nevengals. Need some help choosing!


i have used the fire xc tube type before, i liked the grip of them in many different terrain types..they wore pretty well too, i used them on the street and trails..i used them for 2 seasons


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I've used the tubed versions of both tires. I rode the panaracer fire xc pro 2.1 for 2 seasons and found them to be a pretty fast rolling tire with good grip. They last a couple thousand miles. I put the nevengal dtc 2.1 on this season and I've found them to be superior in terms of cornering grip. They have a quieter/softer feel on the trail which I also like. We'll see what their durability is.


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smarencik said:
btw - look into the panaracer pricing - got mine for $35 for the pair.

These are UST so they are probably more expensive. Those prices are from jensonusa. When I'm ready to buy, I'll check all the usuals for the best price.


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schwalbe 2.3 fat alberts* :D

*this statement has not yet been evaluated by me (but will be this weekend), however i can tell you my velicoraptors sucked butt.

Stan LeCupp

I tried both in tube version and like the nevegals.Panaracer is small for a 2.1. while the nevegals are nicely sized and higher volume.I feel nevegals corner better and roll a little faster.I'd give the panaracers a slight edge in rear wheel Traction when climbing.
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