New stuff, mods, concepts and the like

After the long frost and time to accumulate some new stuff things have been assembles tried on and checked out a bit. Put on my new Swinger 6-way today. Looks good, feels good, now I gotta ride it. I will be seen in some baggies this summer. woo hoo.. An ahhh my Hutchinson Spiders, but then I've already been able to try them out. A nice new helmut-mueller for a lid to keep me conscious. A bike work stand to put it all together. And a bike that is everything and nothing, we'll be giving the term "SS" new meaning.

So as a friend of mine used to say.... "What da ya got?"


Fourth Party
I have been riding my Haro Mary since September pretty much stock, except for the nevegals and different gearing. In the next few days I will be bringing home a new roadie, a Cannondale Synapse, stock for now until I crash and break stuff. I am also getting another mtb, this one geared. If I go with my gut and get the F29, its gonna get some slight tweaks before it comes home, if I stray and go for the fully, its gonna come home as is. Soon though, I will post pics and the like when I get my goodies.



My SC Bullit is on its way, along with all new parts for it. I too bought a new lid (giro remedy) I think this summer is going to be a blast.
Drop in.

I walked by your store today Ryan, next time I'll drop in. Also drove by Durban ave. school this week.. cool. I'm thinking about jumping around over by the Sussex Turnpike off of Rt. 10 when the ground gets alittle harder.
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