New singletrack trail at Lewis Morris?

Was a new single track red trail created at Lewis Morris recently? While riding up the fire road, the entrance to ride up it is on the ride right next to the entrance to another section of trail that's pretty eroded. It has a bunch of red flags on the ground to outline it. I've ridden there probably a 100 times and I've never noticed this trail. Anyways, its an awesome piece of singletrack. I'd rate it even better then the orange trail. My many thanks to the folks that put this in.


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I believe that was finished up in the fall of last year. I agree that's a sweet little section that was added.


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I've heard about it but dont think I've seen it. You guys said "up the fireroad" which one? Whole place is a lot of fireroads. I know they've done some great work in there so I'd like to check it out. Also, anyone know who you contact there to campout at that campsite? How the heck do you even get into it? Could be a nice micro brew mountain bike weekend spot.
If you come down orange into green, make a right on green which intersects the fireroad i'm referring to. Make a right onto the fireroad and about 20 yards up on your right is a washed out hill trail that takes you up to red. Well, right next to this entrance is the exit for new singletrack switchback that was added. You're of course welcome to go up it which I guess makes it the entrance, but its so much more fun going down it. Once the leaves clear out, its going to be real nice.
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