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yes, it's true...and i even think it's legal!! located in the succasunna area off of mountain road. i've been riding here now for a few weeks and while i know it's not the best place in the world (it's mostly quad paths), it's still dirt and perfect for my 6:30 am ride.

general directions:
you start in ledgewood park and head to the upper parking lot (bearing left up the hill towards the old "snack shak"). the trail starts at the dirt. from there you go up...and up...and up. almost a mile of up with a final elevation of 1170 or so by the very end of the climb per google earth. on that note, to find in in google earth, put in "ledgewood pond" or "mountain road". if you use mountain road, follow it east until it ends at main street where you'll see the park.

in google earth you can pretty much see the trail, but you'll follow the "main trail" up (west-ish) as it parallels mountain road for a good portion of the way. eventually you'll come out of the woods and into a field area. at this point, you'll be able to go up the trail towards mountain road and the AT&T property or make a right and head back towards the park (i usually take this coming back as it's a pretty fun ride...but VERY wet). follow the trail up to mountain road, make a right and continue for about 1/4 mile or so. you'll see the entrance to the AT&T property on the left. this is now all owned by the town of roxbury and from what i have been able to tell, the only restrictions are "no motorized vehicles" which isn't happening. but to date i've only run into two guys who were fine.

there is one main fire road with a few trails off to the left and right...mostly to the left as you go up. some go places, some don't. i haven't gotten to all of them yet but the one i did take had some potential. if you continue down the fire road, eventually you'll come to the fire tower, which will be on your right. go past it, out to the road and make a left up the hill. about 1/4 or 1/2 mile up on the left will be the entrance to the other part of the park. this also has a couple of trails that go off to the left but i'm only familiar with one at this point and it's a rocky, mostly flat loop. if you decide not to go back, you'll end in an apartment complex (follow the road, make a left up the hill, then just use yer noggin as you're bombing down the hill) that comes out on 206.

this is pretty much out and back type deal that has some decent parts that remind me of the tourne. it could be a pretty good spot but at this point i'm prett sure i'm one of the only people that ride it other than the folks who are just out casually (or training their kids to be mountain bikers as one guy was a couple weeks ago!) or hiking around exploring. i've been able to get six or seven "dirt" miles out of it but for a local spot i'll take it. anyway, hope this info is helpful to someone.



no direction home

seems far from here - succasunna area ? give me a hint / North or South


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it's north jersey

north...morris county. actually not too far from the mooch...but if you're going to travel that far go there. until i learn more about the place, this is more like a "quick fix" for those that are local to the area.


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I really have to get out there and check this place out.
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