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Hi Forum,

I'm new to the forum, just getting into MTB riding. I ride in Mercer County and some PA trails.
Looking forward to learning a bunch from the experts here.

I have a question about searching serial numbers for determining model and year.
Is there a single index to check SNs that details manufacturer, model and year or does each manufacturer have its own database?
Would like use something to check bike on CO or Ebay, etc.

I've searched a bit on this site and found links for stolen bikes registries, which are helpful. Haven't found a place for checking any SN to get model and year.
Perhaps I'm not searching properly. Lots of vague or incorrect listings on CL. It would be good to do quick checks of them by SN, if sellers can provide them.



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Welcome aboard... I'm not sure there's a database like what you're looking for. Most manufactures have archives, and you just need to go back and look closely at colorways and frame shapes for small changes from year to year.


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i've never seen anything with serial numbers like a car.
good idea tho. i want to block-chain my bike!