New Rider in Washington Crossing


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Hey I live in Washington Crossing, NJ I've been riding for a while but didn't start to get serious until a few months ago. I'm riding a '08 Giant Trance 2 and I primarily ride on Baldpate mountain and a little bit on the loop @ Washington Crossing Park.

I'd like to find some people from the area to ride with because I only go by myself at the moment.


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what up, i live near washington crossing and used to frequent the place. if you ride early on sundays, we could hook up sometime.


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Welcome. I have been working on bald plate mountain for years. I put a helmet on to hide it from others when I go riding.
When not riding I wait here for others not riding to say stuff.


I'm just moved to Lambertville a few months ago and also just purchased a 29er the other day. I was thinking of riding tomorrow which is Labor Day at Washington's Crossing. Ping me if you're interested.

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