New Jersey Outdoor Recreation Study


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You are invited to help plan for parks and open spaces in your neighborhood!
New Jersey, with its Outside, Together! partnership, wants your input as we update the State’s
five-year Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.

Please take this short, 10-minute survey to help us decide how we plan for and improve the
open space and parks in your neighborhood and across New Jersey.
Click here to start

If you are unable to click the link, please copy and paste the full URL into your browser:

Thank you for your time!


Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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Said central jersey should be a thing.


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Totally froze on Q9. This test is totally rigged.
Being it the great state of new jersey i was waiting for the questionairre to ask how I identify cuz I realllly wanted to write analog mtn bike for an answer at some point...


JORBA: Morris Trails
Done. Don’t forget to constructively call out the bias in Essex and Union counties with respect to MTB despite resounding acceptance and support throughout rest of NJ. Not sure this survey will change that but can’t hurt to cite it.


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I got stuck trying to decide which park to choose. Of the choices I ride the Tourne most, but J Woods has a lot of potential. Hrm.
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