New invention: Face brake.....


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For those of you who know me and like to laugh at me, here's a good one:

I decided to enter the wet parking lot at 7-11 on my dirt jumper going 9000 miles an hour - FACE FIRST. Thats right, 2am, rain, drunk as usual, tire presure ~60psi, caught the lip of the drive way in a paralell fashion, and got spit OTB face first. The best part of the whole experience was when the 7-11 employee identified me from 40' away. He was like "John?"
and I was like "yup", then I walk into the store and he supplied me with napkin to wipe my bloody face. Luckily, my middle-eastern friend was less than suprised at my performance and did not really want to talk about the carnage. So, I share my story with you........the wrecks come when you least expect them.

Have a good laugh at my expense, I am a moron.............


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sweet. easter sunday an hour before the family came over I decided to go for a quick bmx ride with a friend at the local high school. A block away, under full power pedaling, my chain snaps and sends me straight to the face. Went to 7-11 to get a napkin to clean the blood off my face and hand, then went home, cleaned up and greeted the family with a bloody welt on my face.


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It happened a couple of months back. I went home sick from work and then decided to go for a ride. I was not sick at all. This was just after I got a couple of rides on my new SS 29, so I decided to take my old full suspension 26 out for a rump in the local woods. I was so mesmerized my the small front tire that I was not looking where I was going and I hit a parked SUV on my street going 15 MPH. I thought I lost all my front teeth, there was a lot of blood pouring on my handlebars. In the end all I needed was 20 stitches to close my chin and upper lip, and I had to tell my job that I was disy and fell down the stairs when I went home sick.
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