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NJ is by far not the flattest state in the US. While the Princeton Area is relatively flat, not too far north you will find some good ups and downs and a premier freeride location, Diablo at Mountain Creek Ski Resort (will have to wait for it to open). In your local area, 6 mile run is close and while it lacks elevation and freeride stunts, it has some of the bext singletrack in the area.
NJ will not disappoint you!

Flattest State!, go borrow a road bike and another set of lungs and you and I can go for a ride!

Fallgirl ... :mad2:


Don't piss off the red guy
If anyone ever gets a chance, besides seeing everything this GREAT Country has to offer, all of Europe is amazing. Besides France, everyone is almost happy to see you.
I skied a couple of times in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland (Interlaken) and the locals told me they have some great mountain biking there in the summer. After skiing all the peaks there I tend to agree. We hired a tour guide for a day and she says rides in the summer time and showed us some trails when she took us off piste. If I were to mountain bike Europe then Interlaken would be on the top of my list.



Nice that you understand german. I guess your german is as well as my english is :D. How long have you been trained for it?
I start working on Monday. My workingtime will be approximately 9to5. Its not fixed so I can slide with the time. Weekend ist probably the best time to ride. I'm ready to start tomorrow. Send me an eMail klick if you're interested. Or suggest a better date. Or Just post it here.
I already have a US cellphone now and I can provide you my number if you like. So we can meet up.


I dont think I need new lungs or a roadbike... ;) (btw. do you mean a crosscountry bike or a race bike?)

Although I am actually not in the best shape for racing. :D
Maybe not comparable to yours.

It means more fun to me to proove myself in technically difficult terrain or drops. Not in speed or distance or height. But racing is also nice.


Yes there are great locations in Switzerland. Last summer I crossed the Apls with my Bike from Germany across Austria to Switzerland for 6 Days... it was amazing! The best (and longest) trails I've ever seen! But also the hardest climbing.... ;)


Thanks! you're all very cool. I hope we can meet for some riding soon.
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