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Hi everyone. New to the area. Just moved to West Milford, NJ - looking for some riding buddies, advice where to ride, etc... Im 28, grew up in Massachusetts. I have been riding for as long as I can remember. I was HUGE into freeriding and downhill racing since I was a kid - Used to travel all over the East Coast racing DH. In college, I got more into trail riding, mainly riding trails in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Right after college, I started working in Manhattan and living in Hoboken. Ive been there for 5 years, and as you can imagine there are not a lot of trails around and I really haven't rode the past 5 years. I just moved out of the city to West Milford, and cant not wait to start riding regularly again. Im big into fitness and cant wait to make trail riding part of that again. Bike is tuned up and ready to go.

Anyways - anyone in my area? anyone want to show me around? Cold doesn't bother me- so would be up for a ride soon if anyone is. Ive been to a few places the past few weeks (Ramapo Mountain Forest, and Ringwood State Park), but I could really used someone to show me around and where the good trails are. Ive had some trouble navigating at these spots. Especially this time of year - hard to see trails with all these leaves!

Looking forward to hearing recommendations on where I should ride and hopefully riding with some of you sometime.



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Welcome @rekim Lots of good places to ride up by you...Look at Wawayanda as well. Lots of peeps will help you out.


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Welcome....I live in West Milford too, I think I'm a lot too old and slow to be a partner rider,
but I know Wawayanda pretty good and can give you good advice.


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I think west Milford might be the best town to be in for mtb. Besides the local trails (jungle, ringwood, and wayway) your not too far from high mountain and wildcat. Plus port jervis, Stewart, blue mountain and sprain are within an hour radius.


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Welcome! I used to live in Hoboken myself and did the 1-hour drive out of there every weekend to go ride somewhere. I'm in the burbs now but definitely not in as good a spot as you! You certainly picked a sweet town for mountain bikers. I'd be happy to give you a tour of any of your local parks up there and it sounds like our riding styles/experience are similar.


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Welcome, you live in rock garden paradise, enjoy
Also a stones throw from Mountain Creek when you itch to point your bike down again


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Welcome! I also live in West Milford, right outside Wawayanda. There's some killer riding around here, you picked a great spot. If you haven't already, download the Trailforks app on your phone. Makes navigating around pretty simple and most of the trails are on there. Wawayanda is great, especially if you stay on the southern end of the park. Jungle Habitat is also pretty popular, not really my favorite though. Someone else mentioned Sterling Forest which is a short drive from West Milford, those trails are much less technical that what we have up here, but still super, super fun.


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I live in West Milford. Actually I'm up the mountain about 2 miles from Wayway. I'd be down to do something riding for sure. If you want to try Sprain sometime, let me know. I haven't gotten there, but I spend a bit of time in Yonkers with a friend, so I know roughly where sprain is.

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Welcome. Great ride coming up next weekend at Wildcat. I recommend it. Not only will you meet lots of good folks but one of the best places to ride in the state. I ride High Mountain and Ringwood regularly and sometimes Jungle. It’s already been said, you really chose a great place to live for mountain biking. I can give you a tour but ride at an intermediate pace. If your CAT 1 or pro pace then speak now so the correct people can step forward :)


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And what everyone else said. ;)

I usually update the what's happening thread on Wednesdays but I've been on vacation... Look for the updated list this week seeing as I'm back to work tomorrow (wah wah).


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If you’re a DH rider you obviously know that you now live very close to Mountain Creek, so I’ll see you this spring. In the mean time go explore Jungle Habitat. It’s a great place to just get lost and shred some gnar.
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