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Wow, I never knew this site existed! Thanks, Jason for bringin' me over. I'm a new rider in Mercer County looking to find people to ride with and to help me become a better mountain biker. I've been a roadie for a few seasons, but am new to mtb. I live only a few min from both Mercer County Park and Clayton (though i've only ridden Mercer so far), have been riding a few weeks, and i'm hoping to ride with some people who wouldn't mind a beginner tagging along. Great to be Here!
Hey!! I work in Princeton and live in Hillsborough, so I'm always down for a ride at Mercer Cty Park. I'd like to start riding there after work (around 5:30). Is that something you'd be interested in?
Welcome to the site! You'll have to plan some trips up north as well. Hey, I hear Colin has a double bike rack. :wink:

Ride Details

Sure, i'd love to join you guys (if you don't mind that i'm a beginner). What are the details? I've never been up riding in North Jersey before.
When I heal I am going to have newbie legs for a while & I plan on working them in at Clayton & Allaire.
I'll drop you a line when my calcium deposits solidify.
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