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Hey everyone one just wanted to say hello to everyone here at the site. I just got into mountainbiking 3 months ago. I raced BMX 30 years ago with pretty good results,then I started smoking,partying and womenizing. Then marriage, a son and work ,work, work.I Quit smoking 9 months ago cold turkey after 27 years and started putting on some weight and I just could not go there so I went back to my roots and started biking again and I am having a blast. I raced at Jungle Habitat and am going to Blue mountain this weekend. Wow I am out of shape!. I ride 40-60 miles a week mostly on the street to get my conditioning up. I lost all the weight gained, but its not easy when your 44 years old. I am here to stay. I am going to continue traing all winter then do all the races next year (Campmor Series)One more thing, I must say that everyone I have met so far in this sport have been very welcoming. See you on the trails.

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High Guy:D...This mtbing thing can be more addictive than cigs....Though much better tasting I would think


Welcome. Lived next door in Hawthorne for a year. There's a bunch of us Bergen/Passiac riders here. Ride Ringwood lots. Look for local rides.


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Though just as expensive....

No, it's much, much more expensive than smoking.
But the medical costs associated with MTBing are...
uhm depending on how well you bounce, they might be more too.

But you'll have a hell of a lot more fun and people won't wrinkle their noses from your odor... might be wrong there as well.

Anyway, Welcome!
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whaddup quitter!!!!

I like to do twenty mile trail rides with a ciggy between my lips. I may smell bad, but people hate getting passed by a guy smokin' a stoag, n that makes me happy, haha. Enjoy yer biking habit.....


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Thanks everyone, Hooked thats me for the last 3 months. Price compared to smoking,well lets says that so far its not as bad although I am only riding a hard tail at the moment.Any ex smokers out there that can help with somepointers on conditioning? I have been doing alot of hill climbing and just started jumping rope.Thanks again..... Hey dualfisted dont know how you do it with the cig in your mouth but more power to you.
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