New guy from princeton/south brunswick area


Just joined the site. Lots of great advice here. Can't wait check out six mile.
Been riding for 3 years. Hoping to take it to the next level this year.


i can't believe it's not......

Welcome, good luck takin it to the next level, maybe someday you'll be full on EXTREME!!!! Haha!


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Welcome aboard.

If it's good enough for Fabio, it's good enough for me.



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Welcome to the asylum.....

You'll love 6 mile run. If possible hook up with a group ride or somebody who knows their way for your first time....there is a LOT of trail and it can get a little confusing the first couple times...


Mainly been riding the canal around carnegie lake, and some trails around millstone river. Nothing to exciting. looking forward to checking out mercer and six mile.


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also lookin to ride

i'm from s brunswick looking for other riders but can't keep up with the experts... yet

Brian Snyder

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Welcome to the fun stuff. There are some really good places to ride, and a lot of excellent people to ride with on this site. You should check out the "Beginner Rides" at Allaire (Tuesdays after the clock changes). I am not a beginner, and it is one of my favorite group rides to do. It is all about the fun, there is no "too slow", and no one gets dropped. Hope to see you on the trails. Brian


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Welcome to the forum Fit

I can't think a better way to finish off the work day than a good ride... Can't wait for Tuesdays!
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