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Hey all Im Kris from Shrewsbury. Just got into mountain biking after I just got rid of my motocross bike. Got a 2008 Trek 6000 and Im ready to go. If anyone is in the area and wants to ride let me know. Went to Huber Woods today and did fine. Not used to pedaling in trails but Im ready to improve. See ya guys around hopefully.

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Cool beans

Nice to know you can still ride the trails on your own power. We have another motohead that pedals too! Hope to ride with you some time,..Allaire is great for newbies.


thanks for the welcome. maybe ill hit shark river tomorrow morning hopefully. my ass hurts though so well see, not used to the bike seat. haha


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perhaps you need a little bit of this...




nice maybe i should get me soma dat..does it work for a sore ass?


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Just so you know what your getting into...heres a review

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Welcome to the MTBNJ site where all the weirdo pervs hang out:confused: I promise, most of them are not that sick in person.
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