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I know I've posted around here for a little bit already, but figured I'd officially introduce myself now.

As of this posting, riding a 2008 Trek 6000 with some minor upgrades (clipless, tires, brakes soon, etc etc blar).
Started off on a WalMart bike, and learned very quickly how quality and LBS go together. :)

Been riding seriously for a few months now; mainly go to Allaire, Clayton, and (now) Six Mile and Hartshorne.

I do trail maintenance with ATUG at Allaire, and the IMBA guys whenever they're in Jersey.

I'll be deploying soon, so I'm getting in as much riding as possible now!
After I get back (next year) I'd LOVE to start racing/riding competitively, but I don't know where or how to start.

That's about it! I'll be at the picnic tomorrow hopefully.
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Welcome. Do you have a name or something you want us to know you by?


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Welcome! I think ill be there on sunday so i will look forward to seeing you then. If not, again welcome and be safe brother.


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Ah, yes, a name would help. I'm Chris. I'll be in black shorts and a blue REI trailbuilding t-shirt with orange stitching. When riding I'll be wearing a black and green Princeton Tec jersey.

I'll be on a black hardtail (the Trek 6000), and driving a silver PTank Cruiser.


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Chris it was nice to meet you today. I was the Bianchi SS (Wazu). Hopefully we can get some riding in before your deployment. Have a great night too. Again, thanks for what you are doing for the country. Preesh.


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Yeah, that was an awesome event! Thanks for having me everyone. Assuming I'm in the country and available, I will DEF be at the next one. :)
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