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Earlier this season I cracked my Trek 9.9 Frame and got a nice warranty replacement. Well it was for sale for a while but I ended up keeping it to make a sweet race bike. Well it's working out well so far. It's a dream to climb on. So snappy and responsive. Lets see how long I can keep this one alive.


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how do you crack frames? cause i would like a warranty replacement for my bike ;)

but that is a sweet ride

I don't know I just ride em... I don't advertise that I'm a finesse rider but I don't really abuse em. I just ride a lot.

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Remove rear wheel, lay frame on it's side, and jump on the rear triangle. Then bring it to the store and say you were JRA.

JRA=just riding along. :rolleyes:

Lol...that's one way. I am thinking of starting a business. If you have a frame with a lifetime warranty and you want a new one just let me ride it for a while in exchange for cash or beer :D
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