New Fox shock - Float "MX"


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I swear my bike has a freaking curse!!! I need to take it to the Witch Doctor PRONTO!!!

This AM @ Blue's parking lot I felt the shock a little soft, so I figured I pump it up a little. So I gave it a few "pumps" and when I took the pump off the shock all the air started coming out!! :scared: WTF!!! Not believing this was possible (after all the sh*t I went through with this bike), I tried a few more times with the same result. I was so pissed....but determined to ride. I didn't wake up at 5:45am & rode for 1hr to Blue just to turn back around and drive home....NO SENIOR!!! So my friend told me "why don't you just leave the pump there?" :hmmm: :hmmm: I guess why not? So this is what my fix looked like:



Freakin' thing worked awesome!!! :D Did our normal loop, well except Debacle :(
No air leaked out and I actually finished with more air in than when I started. :hmmm:
At the end of the ride I took the pump off and the valve was fixed!!! YEAH!! But I took the shock off anyway and gave it to my friend for service.. I have never serviced it in like 5 yrs, so I guess is due for an overhaul.


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You my friend, are a better man than I. I would have smashed the pump, then smashed my bike, then proceeded to play loud music while I try to fix it on someone elses bike rack.

Great save


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Hey E;

Its probably the little valve-ey thing. Your local gas station has the tool to fix it. It'll take like 20 seconds
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