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After realizing how crappy my fork is today, i decided i need to speed up the aquisition of a new front fork.... I was looking on jenson and found the Manitou Black Super Air 05 for $299. it retails for $499! Looks pretty cool, got a handlebar mounted lock out. Also its got v-brake mounts. What do you guys think????
big update. found the $600 manitou minute 2:00 for $299!! the 05 model too!, a reputable ebay power seller too, high rating... this seems too good to be true... an awesome fork...
carl said:
I have a manitou black elite 100-120mm I am not sure if it has accomidations for v-brakes though.. I'll check.

Time to upgrade to font disc brakes. :)
Ok i just ordered the marzocchi mx pro eta 105mm fork from jenson. got free shipping and like $30 off (a coupon maybe?) supposed to be a great xc fork and great for people who weigh 240 like me....

Let me know what you guys think.... I almost got the easton monkeylite xc handlebars for $59 (reg. $110) cause they are carbon and really lite, my front end is really heavy, but i held off.... The fork is not reducing weight, its the same as my manitou axel elite comp.

I hope i made the good choice, my manitou axel elite was really weak and sagged bad when i sat on it, with the preload as far is it could go. I could have got new mavic crosslands for $200 and upgrade to disc for the price of the fork, but i guess i needed a new fork more...
awesome, yeah my current fork is manitou and it sucks :) plus they make so many cheap forks, marzochhi only makes high end forks...
got the fork installed today.... After using my awesome workforce fork pump to increase the positive air to 55psi, the fork performed beautifully. I was amazed with the improvement over my stock fork. I never realized how much a new fork would help. plus it took close to 2 pounds off my front end which was much needed. I recommend this fork to anyone who is over 220 pounds like me, since it has air in the right leg and eta coil in the left leg, it makes it light weight but still strong for big riders. Plus it has an awesome feature where if you enable the ETA on a uphill the fork shrinks to about 50-60mm and locks out but gives you 30mm of travel when needed, an excellent feature for tough uphills, the shrinking of the fork helps keep the wheel on the ground. I also recommend the workforce shock pump, great pump.
The weight difference is amazing! Definitely a smart upgrade.
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