New chain on the road bike


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So I replaced the road bike chain yesterday morning.
I had read all the stuff I could on "chain stretching" I really did not believe that the chain would stretch but when I laid then side by side both at 110 links the old chain was about a link and a half longer.
after I put it on the bike I of course went out for a ride and surprise again all the slight squeaking that I was sure was coming from the derailer was completely gone.
call this boy a believer and ready to start doing the 23 mile trek to work ... :)
I have close to 4k miles on the bike and except for standard tune up lube stuff and keeping the moving parts clean have had no issues.
how many miles do things normally start to wear out at? and how can you tell I did the chain because I had seen an article on Sheldons page as to checking for stretch.
New chain every spring on every bike.
Sooner if you ride a lot.

Buy the best and you will be happy.

Agreed, I try to change mtb chain twice a year. Let the chain go too long and it'll wipe out your cassete & chainring. An $18 to $25 chain is easier to take than a $60 to $200 cassete & $30 middle ring
did not think it would be that stretched,also as shocked and surprised as I was my wife and daughter did not find it the least bit interesting. :)
I guess once a year is not bad I do put at least 1000 miles on the bikes a year...
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