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man I wrote my freakin life story but the page timed out, i guess that is god telling me I was being way to long winded to just say:

Hi my name is Adrian, i rode for 7 years in my late teans and early twenties. My first MTB was a Trek Antelope 850 and I did allot of my riding in Forest park Queens NY. I got married and moved to Florida, move back to NY two years later and started to get the itch to ride again. My wife bought me a FS Mongoose for my 29th birthday which sat in the closet until last year when I bought my son a Trek 4300. We got hooked(even with the pain) so I decided to upgrade my bike, i was in shock at the prices of FS "good bikes" so I ordered a bike online . I bought my sons bike from the LBS and I do believe in supporting my LBS but I needed the best bang for the buck.

Anyway it is good to be back, hope to see you all on the trails. I drive a grey 07 Xterra, my son has the Trek 4300 and I have the strange bike :)



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you got the strange bike now, but you just wait and you'll be sportin' a new 29er SS in no time :rolleyes:



Holy Crap responses.....and the next day. Thank you all....I think ;)

Anyway I checked the UPS site and it says "OUT FOR DELIVARY", not sure what to do with myself.......7 days of me staring at their tracking site till my eyes bleed. If the bike actually shows up at my house today at a decent time I might get a chance to go out and ride it :)


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I got my Alta Peak yesterday; the bike was in great shape after its 1500mile road trip. I thought there would be some more bubble wrap or just more protection but the bike was beautiful out of the box. Setup was about an hour.
I woke up this morning and ran out of the house with my son in tow so we could hit the trails. It was weird riding it; it is so different from my old bike. After about 30-45 minutes I started to enjoy the ride and I could see how much of an improvement it is over my Mongoose. The only thing that did seem weird was the rear shock, my Mongoose shock was really responsive; lots of pedal bob. The shock on my new bike did not seem to respond at all, I made sure the lock out was not engaged. I know they configure the bike for you and I did tell them I am 280pounds so maybe they configured the shock for that weight. I guess I have to play around with it.


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Thanks Walter, I went to the site and read through some stuff. Think I might contact Fezzari and see if they can talk me through adjusting the shock. I knew pedal bob is bad but when its all you have you learn to adjust to it, having this bike showed me just how bad it really is. There were several hills I could not get up on my Mongoose which I blew through on the new bike. THe new bike is lighter but not that much lighter so it had to be the rear shock robbing me of the little strenght I have in my cubicle legs.
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