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Well not really new but since getting hit by the car in December I haven't had a roadie of my own besides my fixie. So I did some scrounging and I forgot I had an old road frame in my parents garage. It's a mid 90's Lemond Reno that is in good shape. It's a steel frame that has been passed down through a few friends and needs some love. So I took it all apart today and I"m putting the drivetrain from the crashed Lemond Versailles onto the old Lemond.

Looks like I've got all the parts switched over except for the wheels and the old front derailleur. I did pick up a set of slightly used Bontrager Select wheels and I'll have to grab a new front derailleur that has the right clamp size and I should be good.

I did have some leftovers as I'll probably have a set of 105 brakes for sale as well as a 105 derailleur if anyone is interested.


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Sweet got it built up as much as I can. Just gotta swap cranks and cable it up and I should be good to go. In a few more days it should be on the road.


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Looking good. I hope you have things up and running b/c it may hit 40 tomorrow, and would be ideal for a road ride.:)


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Wohoo I just got the bike back after being cabled and the bars wrapped and it's great to see it in rolling form once again. It was always a really dependable steel chariot and I can't wait to get back on it again. I was gonna order a new ride fairly quickly but I wanna see how this thing rides first. It'll either get updated to full time status or be dubbed the training bike or for sale bike. I'll have to see how it goes.
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