Need info to making new trails

Hey guys,

I live about 2 miles from this park and usually wake up at 7AM to ride for 2 hours to there, there, and back. But I know that there is a nice back area in the park that is not used by hikers or bikers and there is enough land to build some more single track which will be flat and maybe make it a circle for more fun.


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The only trail in Cheesequake Park that you can ride your bike on is the multi-use trail. I think its the white trail. I also ride my bike there to do a loop or 3 then ride back home. It appears that the boy scouts have adopted this trail because I see some new markers and obvious trail work being done. It is also a haven for rogue building, a few weeks ago I actually came across a piece of plywood lying over some logs.

Don't know what you are really looking for, but this place is on the bottom of the scale in terms of importance.