need help on headset conversion? Pretty Please?

Weeping Bear

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I have a Giant revel Jr. 24" Wheels that I'm planning on converting the fork to 26" air suspension because it's hard to find a 24" suspension fork--thats another story though. Anyways I kind of realized that it has 1" quill stem on it, so I assume it has a 1" threaded headset, and the standard threadless suspension fork is 1 1/8". Could I convert the headset from 1' threaded to a 1 1/8" Threadless? Thanks in adavance!


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I believe my daughters Giant XTC Jr 24" also had a threaded 1" fork and quill stem on it before I broke it down and rebuilt it. The frame has a normal sized headtube and the original headset was just a "reducer" type to bring it down to 1". I was able to swap it for a normal 1 1/8" headset to run a short travel 26" fork. I have zero knowledge of the Revel frame, but maybe you'll get lucky and fine the same thing.