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Okay it is between a Trek 4300 w/disc brakes or a 4500 standard brakes. Which is a better idea. I am a total newb. There was actually a Gary Fisher Pirhana just out of my range that maybe i can try and stretch for but don't know if I can justify it being such a newb and having to stretch.

Any advice?


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i would say go for the 4500 without the disks. v-brkes are certainly good enough, and you'll get a better component spec in general. if you really want to, you can always upgrade to the disks later. for a new bike, it's better to get the best overall component spec, which would mean the 4500. the rear derailluer, crank and rims on the 4500 are critical components and are all of better quality than those on the 4300 disc.

if you can stretch your money for the pirhanna though, i say go for it. you could also ask your shop about financing options.


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Most people wish they had stretched after about 6 months. YMMV.
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