Need help at Six-Mile


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I went out on my new bike today and had a very good time. This is my first mountain bike in 8 years, I bought a 29 and was a little nervous at first but that all went away a few minutes into the ride. After an hour or so I was really lost so I started trying to figure a way out and less on the riding. If there is anyone who knows how to get from one end to the other and then back I would buy breakfast or lunch if you would show me. Getting lost and finding your way out is probably a good way to learn all the trails, but I usually have less time than most. Is there a way through the trails and not in the fields. Will anyone be there on Sunday early in the mourning? I saw the crew coming in this mourning as I was leaving. I would have said HI but I was soaked and trying to figure how to secure my bike in the back of my pickup. Take Care.




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Check your PM. I will be more then happy to show you around 6 Mile. I was a newbie there a little while ago and a couple people for the board were more then happy to show me around and now it's my turn to repay the good carma.....:)
So whenever you want just hit me up or post up on the board and myself or any of the other great people on this board will be more then happy to ride with you and show you around...............


I took a nasty little spill on 6 mile last week, before joining this forum and before getting brain armor. can anyone tell me if bikes are allowed at the point where u run along side canal rd towards the red trail point ??? i didnt see a bike sticker on the board but i saw bikers going down it ................


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Keep your eye out for a group ride, we'll show you around....

Watch out for Madness, he'll try to blind you with his belt buckle!! :D:D


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If the weather's decent, I'm gonna ride tomorrow around 9:30-10. Anyone wants to join, shoot me a PM - I plan to do the full blue out and back - 27-canal and back.

Pace to suit - out for fun, not a death march.
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