Need advice: MTB Shoes/Clipless


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I think I'm ready to try my luck with clipless pedals....My bike came with a set of CBros Smarty's and now I need the shoes...
I have large (12) flat feet, narrow at the heel, but wide at the metatarsals.
Which brands should I be looking at? What shops have the best selection?
Budget is around $200.


I'm an 11 wide... I've always had good results with Carnac. I've found many brands to be too narrow (specialized, northwave, shimano). A more budget minded shoe, while not comfortable as Carnac, is Diadora... They are wider than most and reasonably priced for your first experiment with clipless.


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Shoes are a personal thing, you have to try them on and find what works best for you.

Halters has lots of stuff to try, a whole wall of shoes.


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Shoes are a personal thing, you have to try them on and find what works best for you.

what he said.. I was a pia to all the stores in my area until I found what felt the best and fit my budget.
don't settle..because of the stress you put on your feet you want what fits you right.

I found the specialized tahoe to fit me well but that is more like a sneaker than a traditional bike shoe.


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I definetly wouldn't buy shoes over the inet. Been to three shops and none have my size.... Looks like I'll be @ Halter's Thursday afternoon....

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Shop: Efinger
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We have a few 12s, 13s and 14s floating around. (Hopefully you haven't already been to us, otherwise I need to kick someone for not finding your size :D)

Specialized Shoes are solid quality. We have the Comps in those sizes. We also have the Shimano oven on site if you wanted to bake your foot into your Shimano shoe (which I did and it's the best thing you could ever do :D).

But like I said, we have those sizes in stock.


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Yup I was there. I believe I tried a pair of 12's (specialized) on and they were too small. Didn't see any 13's....Don't blame your staff...I asked them if what was out was all they had, and I told them I didn't see my size. I could have missed them.
With regular sneakers I can fit in 11's to 12's depending on the make of the shoe. Do most cycling shoes run small?


take a spin to halters, try em all on, bring your bike, test em all out, leave happy :)
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