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So I tried to wrangle up as many people from our (North Brunswick) squad's bike team as I could and all 3 of us (ha) are hitting up the trails today at 10 am. I'm trying to get some regular rides in at all the places near here going with the guys at the squad, there's only so many but I was hoping to get a schedule going and maybe hooking up with some other riders that do a couple of places on top of 6mr


Keep me posted, Id like to join on the rides. Prob going to start riding again in about a week. i had to take off for the last month or so, smashed my wrist up pretty bad


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The last ride was fun and slow....oh so very slow...but it's all in good fun and I'm trying to get these guys out more so we can stop pretending we have a bike team and actually be one hah. It looks like we're doing Sundays around 10 am weekly. It usually takes me 43ish minutes from 27 parking lot to Canal parking lot going at what I see as a pretty easy pace (~9 mph average), on sunday we took closer to an hour and a half mostly because we took a lot of stops. Worked out better for me because my dérailleur was acting'a'fool.

If these paces don't scare you feel free to tag along. I ride a couple other days a week at my normal pace if you want to hop aboard then too

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