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JORBA: Ringwood
Racing at Sun Valley National Championships started today and 25 percent of all entrants are juniors. In NJ we always wonder why more kids don't ride bikes. Out here the climbing is so tough yet all kids ride their bikes. It is great to see.

Representing from NJ today was Jessie Kruse who finished 2nd in the 15-18 cat 2. She looked really strong out there. The venue actually imported rocks and made a rock garden for spectators to watch the racers try to ride through. Imagine that? We just call it riding. Very few racers could ride it, but Jessie cleaned the whole thing. Go NJ! Tomorrow Ekrem and Kerem Ayhan race.

Today I took two runs on the super D course which is worth it just for the view.


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"In NJ we always wonder why more kids don't ride bikes"
Now I can understand why ....
just came back from gorgeous trip to Yellowstone NP .
we did it with RV ,local people there are much more outdoor oriented .


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Keep posting photos! Love seeing them!

Good luck to the Campmor gals who are racing! Jessie is an animal!!! She'll be pro by the time she's 18!


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thanks for the updates, Way to go Jessie! Ayhan boys I suspect will do well also. Keep us up with Pics too!


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..... In NJ we always wonder why more kids don't ride bikes. Out here the climbing is so tough yet all kids ride their bikes. It is great to see.

My guess is lack of shoulders on roads.

Anyway, have fun. I have ties to that part of the country as well; my mom is from Idaho Falls and my dad actually drove for Sun Valley Stages in the early 50's right before he met my mom in Twin Falls circa 1953 :) If it wasn't for Sun Valley Stages bringing my dad to Idaho, I would not exist :D


JORBA: Ringwood
Ketchum has bike paths all over to connect everything. The venue itself is not ideal as far as course lay out, but they are doing ok trying to deal with it. The flat area around the lodge where the race starts and ends is very small. They are making racers do a prologue with very closely stacked heats and a run up. It is a shame to see racers standing and waiting to get into the single track, but once they do, it is real nice and no room to pass. The big climb is pretty major. It starts as a very narrow steep exposed track with some root steps along the way, and then you cross a creek and the climb pitch eases up and there is room for passing to the top. The descent starts as a kamikaze haul a$$ fire road and then swish into miles of side hill exposed single track with a gazillion swithcbacks. Woohoo!


JORBA: Ringwood
Today was junior racing, both under23, Cat 1 and the real little kids. From NJ; Ekrem finished 11th in a large class of over 30 11-12 year olds. His brother Kerem took 5th in under 10. Great showing for the younger Bulldogs! Some pictures below.

Team Campmor has been drinking water and peeing all day in prep for tomorrows suffer fest.


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:popcorn:Really proud of all our Jersey friends out there kicking butt. So funny about the rocks....Thanks for the updates and pics!


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NJ Represent!

If you get a chance to do some extra curricular riding while you are out there, go ride Fisher Creek near Stanley. It's one of my all time favorites. So fun.


JORBA: Ringwood
Georgia Gould won the pro womens field today. Men are on the course now and Todd Wells is leading just in front of Sam Schultz and Adam Craig.

From Campmor, Tara took second today with an awesome race with seven minutes over third. Art finished 14th and I 6th. We both struggled with the long climb. Just imagine 6 of the long steep climbs at Tymor linked together with a 2 mile fire road climb on top.Oh and don't forget high altitude. it was pretty brutal and perhaps my mind was not into it this year, doing little training. Considering I did not put much in this year, I think I did ok, and my new bike was awesome. I noticed Greg Galetta from Sids out there as well. Will have pictures later.


JORBA: Ringwood
Todd Wells won the pro men yesterday. It was nice to see Sam Schultz in second. For anyone interested, XC results can be found here:

Team Campmor is on the lift line getting up to the super D start right now.

Pictures from yesterday:

1. Georgia in the rocks
2. Campmor girls hanging with Wayne Willich, mayor of Sun Valley at last nights awards ceremony in town.


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Just incredible pictures and write up Pix! Congrats to you, Art, Tara and the rest of the team! Great picture of Georgia, have a safe trips back home. Awill you be going back out went for the CX Nat's? :D


JORBA: Ringwood
Special birthday surprise for Tara from team Campmor today .....

30-39 Super-D National Champion!

I hope racers had a good day at Kittatinny today.


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The 2011 Nats were a blast! My girlfriend and I made the trip out to compete in womens cat1 XC/pro super D and I raced the cat1 19-29 Super D. Super D course was pretty tough, with a huge climb out of the start (which I blew up on :cry: and took an extra 50 seconds to climb than I did in practice). But the long fast, flowy, loose downhill made it all worth it. I came across the line with a 23:08, and put me into 9th. Of course I was looking for a podium but I was happy to be in the top ten! The altitude really played an effect on my girlfriend and I, hope to see you guys out there next year!

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