Nail found on trail


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I found this today on the Hutchinson Trail. ( The nail, not the money). I picked it up about 100’ from the dam at the Caretaker parking lot. Who knows how many times it has been ridden over in the past 3 years.



Not sure if it’s exact age. Google says hand made square nails fell out of favor in the 1880s.

I left it at the visitor center for the park historian to look at. Hopefully he can better identify its vintage. Given the history of the area it might have been mined and forged within the park.


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It's a masonry nail, I have a new box in the garage, not very rare. That would be a very small railway.


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I found an old, rather large rusted out bell a few years ago while doing trail work there. One of the Americorps guys, who had knowledge of the area, said it more than likely came from a large animal that moved equipment in and out of the mine area. Left it on a rock near the trail.....

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