my trip to FLA.

Dusty the Whale

i went to the magic kingdom...forgot my camera in the hotel. i went to an Orlando Magic basketball game...forgot my camera. had dinner with Donald Duck...forgot my camera. i even seen some flamingos...forgot the camera, but when i went to the trails they had down there i remembered it. the trails are sandy and swampy just like Allaire thats why im posting this in here...the first try i just rode up on the first plank to see how bouncy it was with the bike. the second try...not so good, good thing they had a cold front move thru last night, Florida was cold for this time of year. i'd be up to my knee in stank swamp mud.


Dusty the Whale

no waves

Florida is far, this is why we need to go to White Clay. *skills park* type stuff are fun to play on as long as you stay with in your limits. people gotta remember "if you think you can't then you can't". thats why you will never see me post a video of myself doing a hip or table top, i'll get hurt.

Dusty the Whale

nah...some private land in Jackson.

right near my girlfriends house in jackson...i finally got her to go out for a jog while i tooled around on the bike. she won't get one, or even ride my rocky mountain so she runs. Florida is a cold weather joke me and walter and MIG laugh at for some reason. we post in this area of the site the most so i didnt really think anyone would think it was funny and i was right. I WISH all the parks i regularly ride at had stuff like this with a ride around trail just in case, that would be nice. i think some kids made this.


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Nice work. And nice build job btw. I rode this for the first time on Sunday.

On the right day the fall off of this could be very muddy.


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Dude I am crushed to think you would lie to us.... :(
I used to go 4-wheeling in some parts of jackson I did not think there was still open land left out there.

Dusty the Whale

The bigger line is called the 502 - in case anyone was wondering.:eek:

just wondering what the bigger line is, i bet those "kids" are gonna put some more on the back end of *swamp thang* the drop off at the end makes it "tough" looking instead of a roll off.


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Those planks rode well. Very nice job on the build. Really solid and loved the recessed bolts. Someone knew what they were doing.

Ended up walking a bunch afterwards due to top layer thaw. Ruts looked bad but my guess is they will smooth out once the temps get higher - a square shovel will make short work out of the nastier ones.

I think the worst of it is the trail just needs to be narrowed in a lot of spots due to people looking for drier lines when things were wet.

Also props to whomever reshaped the 3-way dirt ramp. Nice and smooth lips - I just hope they hold up until I can ride them again :)

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