My new SS


I hadn't planed on buying a new bike this year, but I headed down to Westwood Cycle on Saturday and saw this blue beauty and had to get her.

chromoly frame and fork (rigid baby!)
kenda tires
coaster brake

It's been out on 3 sidewalk rides in 2 days and outside of getting used to the coaster brake, it's getting high marks.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Thanks to Rob G. @ Westwood Cycle.


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Welcome to the club big guy!!!!:D

Thats great man. Hope he is loving it. Now if it were not negative degrees outside.:cry:


awesome and you kept that from me on the phone today?:)

Forgot. But yeah it was just awesome to see him pedal all weekend on his new bike. Took him a few rides to learn how to brake but now he's cruising over every sidewalk bump in sight.

BTW this thing is as heavy as my dualie. Must be near 30 lbs. He weighs 28 I believe.


Justin, he looks great on it and I am so glad he is loving it. Hopefully we can all get together and ride soon.


no helmet? Tisk Tisk

He wears it on every ride outside the house funny guy. Indoors, where the wife would rather him not ride the bike but our first level has the perfect loop for him to practice his turns, he can go sans. He's awesome!


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Wow, that kid looks just like you. Cool looking bike, and great to see kids riding.
Heavy is good. This way he can not push it up to the top of Diablo quite yet.;)
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