My New Old Beater Bikes


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I just acquired 2 old bikes today. A Raleigh Sportif and a Schwinn Collegiate.
I put 50 lbs air in the 70 psi rated tires while wearing my hearing protectors and they held!
Then I rode the Raleigh around and it even shifts.
I think I'll leave 'em rusty and put on my '70's clothes and ride it down to the store.




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What's big ring on the Raleigh 60 tooth? That sucker should down hill like a mofocker... if ya brave enough.


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wow nice your bikes.
It’s Cheap
Flying in the face of all we racing cyclists hold dear, beater bikes use low-end (or old high end), used, de-rusted, and spare components. You don’t want to put much money into a bike that you only pedal around a mile or two, and leave locked up outside the office or grocery store.
It’s Serious Fun
If you’ve never built a bike before, you don’t quite know the addictive quality that fitting, sanding, and bolting on your own hand-chosen parts can take on. You get to pick the exact looks you want–black, white, silver components.
You’ll Learn to Wrench
There’s not a much better way to learn how bikes work than by taking them apart and putting them back together.