My first trail ride, fun


I went on a part of Patriots Path in Long Valley that starts on Rock Road (right across the street from the soccer fields). There are some drops, creek crossings, hills, logs, and rocks. Its the first trail I've been on but I thought it was fun. I think there are 2 trails going through that area but the one I've been on was about 1 mile - short but a good distance for a beginer like me.
thanks for mentioning me. I went with him....................and bent my rear tire beyond repair :(
Patriots Path is nice, but it's more of a hiking trail. Many parts of the trail are steep, narrow, and full of rocks. There is a trail called the Columbia Trail that intersects Patriots Path at the bottom of Schooleys Mountain. The trail is flat and runs from Long Valley into High Bridge. It's well maintained and perfect for casual nature riding. When you go through Califon the trail goes over the Ken Lockwood Gorge. The gorge is really nice, and I would recommend turning off the trail and riding through the gorge.

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