My first SS ride.


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I loved it!

My arms hurt a hell of a lot more then my legs. Gotta say, I didn't see that coming. I actually started to doubt I could hold my self up in the downhills I was getting so worn out. LOL

Not even sure how many miles I did today but I'm guessing around 5 Miles or so. Did most of the climb to the overlook at the tourne and then hit the bridge trail. Thank god for that trail cause I needed an excuse to stop climbing big time! :D

It was very strange being back on a hardtail but I forgot how much I missed it. Rolling logs was also so darn easy. I even climbed a few rocky technical spots that I thought I fall on for sure.

Definitely had a great time and I can't wait for ride number two.
yep the SS thing is fun. But there is a time and place for the squishy too. I'll tell you I have a hard time each day deciding what I want to ride. i was going to take the langster out but instead I took the roubaix today. Too lazy to switch pedals on the bike.
2nd ride down and all I know is that I have to switch the singleator to push up vs. push down. I didn't get the spring from the bike shop though. :(
congrats jason. yeah, singlespeeding definitely take alot out of your arms, mainly from pulling up/back on the bars while really cranking down on the pedals.
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