My first road ride


Went on my first road ride ever last weekend, not too long because it was getting dark but better than nothing. It's quite different than mt biking. I can see how it will help with mt biking. It was great to be out on the farm roads after two months of wearing that damn boot. I wore too much warm clothing though out there though and sweat my azz off. The one thing I really don't like and have to get used to are the brakes. Ugh, the positioning is so weird to me. Anyway, enough of my babbling. Just glad to be back....
Oh, and yah, I've gone snowboarding a few times too now that the boot's off. And it feels great out there. I'm taking it easy right now avoiding rails and jumps, and just playing...
Life is good...:p


Nice job! A wise man once told me to try to achieve three times your average mountain bike distance on the road!


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I got a road bike in October and I love it. Totally different, so much pedaling! I find that you need better clothing for the road to cut bulk but still be warm. Get a nice base layer with a windstopper front, you won't regret it...


I do not have a road bike I have an old hartail trek and fuel ex7. Which would be better for road? can I put road tires on the old hard tail?


Thanks everyone,
hmm, 3 times my average, that's a lot of riding, i'll have to work my way up to that. Probably going again tomorrow and yah, i'll definately wear a lot less. I have all the right clothing i think- just over did it that day.
jimex7, You can put slicks on your hardtail, if you don't have a road bike.

Creek was fun today except for all the glad to be back :D

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Nice to see you are back and in training! The mt is going to get more snow on Sunday night, you miss work on Monday,..hee hee hee


Snow I heard, awesome...we need it after all this rain. I'm off sunday and tuesday but working monday...ah, but i can ride before work...:D

Did a longer road ride today and I actually had smooth, fast, and really nice out today...but i do miss the woods. :p


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Hi Wendi - Glad o hear you are enjoying the road bike and being active again. Maybe we can get a group road ride together some time in January. Riding in a group is a big help on long winter rides.

I am beginning to miss my woods too.:( So, how much snow do you have on the ground up by you?


Hi Ellen, Not much snow now. I still haven't been on the mt bike but hopefully this week in between boarding. We went to Stratton, Vt for one day of riding Saturday and it was amazing! The snow was sooo nice. :p
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